Quality custom fishing machines, how our boats are built.

Chances are you already appreciate the quality of the Andros line of boats. Andros Boatworks, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We are known worldwide for our unique fuel-efficient designs, our quality construction and attention to detail. Every Andros boat is hand built by professionals with years of boat building experience. Each boat is built to the specification of our customers and each Andros is unique in it’s own way. This means there is no stock or inventory of boats available at the factory and because of that resale values remain the highest in the business. In-fact many customers trade their boats back in every few years with minimal loss and cost of ownership. There’s always someone looking for a quality pre-owed Andros and very few hit the market each year.

Andros boats are unique in design and fill a huge void in the high end fishing boat market.

We offer our hybrid line of boats that represent the most versatile hulls on the water today. These boats perform offshore, big bays or in rough water as well as inshore and shallow water with no compromise. We also offer a new offshore line of boats that simply and clearly out perform all others. Our boats are comfortable, dry and ride well in all conditions. The functional design found in all of our boats reflect generations of boat building, fishing and family adventures on the water. As a family we continue to enjoy our free time on the water in our boats! The time we spend on the water and with our customers helps to shape the product we offer today.

Within the process section of our website you will be introduced to the process of ordering and having a boat built by our family. When you own an Andros, you become part of our family and we hope to spend time with you on the water enjoying sharing what we love!


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