Our Process

Chart your adventure.


Complimentary Consultation

Whether you have used our boat building tool to create an initial design, or want to learn more about the process first, we’ll set up a complimentary consultation to learn more about what you’re looking for.


Design Consultation

We’ll take into consideration everything you told us about how you want to use your boat, where you like to fish or dive, how many people you usually carry and any other details you want us to know about the experience you’re looking for. We’ll create an initial boat design to review and collaborate with you until it’s perfect.


Handcrafting + Finishing

Your boat will be handcrafted at our workshop in Sarasota, Florida. From shaping the hull to the final stitching of the interior, we’ll oversee every step of the creation process of your boat.


Your Adventure Begins

Once your boat is complete, all that’s left to do is launch your adventure. Our clients become part of our community and we look forward to sharing in the memories you’ll create on the water.

Designing a boat for someone is an intimate process. Customizing someone’s boat for unique and individual use never gets old, we become lifelong friends with our clients.

- Don Eggebrecht, Founder/Owner