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Understanding The Order Process at Andros

Andros Boatworks specifically builds custom center console fishing boats on a limited production basis, specifically for our customers, to their unique specifications. When you order a new boat from our family there are a few things you should know about our process. We typically have anywhere from 3-8 boats in production at any given time. This means we’re working with several customers at a time while fine-tuning each boat throughout the entire process. You will get one on one attention as we work thru this process. There’s usually a lag time in necessary communication between ordering and construction. This is because there’s typically a waiting period from the time you order to the time your boat begins construction.

Each customer is invited and encouraged to take part in this process and attend the factory as much as they see fit. The hardest part of this entire process that we realize from our customers is the wait time between the order and the beginning of the build process. Everyone is anxious and excited! Here are a few details about the process to help you understand how we work:

Factory Tour and Sea Trial

A visit to the factory is not necessary but highly recommended. At the factory you will see several boats in all stages of production. You will also see many different options being installed on the boats being built. By visiting us you see first hand what’s available on our boats. You’re also encouraged think about new options or ideas that suit your specific needs. You will see how the hulls are laminated, towers are built and boats are assembled on a factory tour. We will also take you for a test ride and show you why our boats simply out perform the rest. We highly encourage a test ride in the model(s) you are interested in.

Windy days are encouraged if you want to see how well Andros boats perform! During the factory tour and sea trial we will discuss options and narrow down pricing on the specific boat you are interested in. We encourage you to make an appointment to visit the factory so we can plan for your arrival and have boats ready to test.

Ordering an Andros

During the order process we specify options you want installed on the boat. We fine tune that list and provide you with a worksheet including all available options and prices associated with each option. When you order a boat we target a production start date. At this time we require a deposit and a signed build contract to secure that date. The start date is the date in which we strive to begin construction on your boat. Once your deposit is collected the prices of the items you select at that time are locked in until delivery.

The waiting period

When you order a new boat from Andros you will be made aware of the first available start date of your boat. This date can vary a little bit (explained below). From the time you place your order until the to the time your boat starts construction there may be a gap in communication from us. We are heavily focused on the boats we are building currently and communication with these customers is crucial, as you will come to find out when we start your boat. We may or may not contact you during this “wait period” however you’re more than welcomed to contact us for updates or simply to check in. You can check in as early and often as you wish.

Start & Delivery Dates and Delays

Your start date can vary but not by much. A couple of the reasons this date can change are: 1) The weather (temp and humidity) is a very important factor in curing our resin / chemical process. Your boat is built in an open mold process which results in a stronger, more rigid hull. We don’t accelerate the cure of the resin / fiberglass mixture. Accelerating the cure can cause problems down the road. We adjust for the weather and allow your hull the time it needs to cure. We can’t predict delays, if any, but slower curing often takes place on colder days 2) Another factor that can delay the date is extensive custom work performed on the boat being built before yours. When customers make changes we allow it. Every customer is given the chance to build a completely custom boat the way they want it. This could delay or even speed up the process for your boat. We want to extend this courtesy to all of our customers giving them one on one attention as their boat is being built. We can’t promise an exact delivery date when you order, however we can predict a close date when we are 4-5 weeks from completion. We highly encourage you not to schedule travel in advance before we know for sure when the boat will be complete.


Changes are both expected and are a part of the process. We don’t charge a fee to change an item unless it’s pre built and unusable, ordered custom for you or not able to be returned once installed or opened. After your order is completed your file is sent made for scheduling and construction. Perfecto will handle all changes and change orders from that date forward. Although Andy is knowledgeable and can assist with questions he will not be able to input or track your changes. It’s very important to call or email Perfecto to make sure these changes will get accounted for. Perfecto will provide written estimates or credits on changes that require your approval. Change orders will be sent to Danny for billing and will be integrated into your progress payments as necessary. Detailed notes about your boat including change orders and a build summary will be sent to you throughout the process or at anytime on your request.

The Build Process

Perfecto will notify you about 2 weeks prior to your boat starting. He will call you to go over your options list, change orders if any, and make sure we have all colors and options correct. Once we begin construction on your boat we encourage you to get involved. We will be sending you pictures throughout the process as well as calling with updates and questions we have for you. We send pictures on a regular basis however if you wish to request certain progress photos don’t hesitate to ask. Each boat is on it’s own schedule and the crew working on it stays with it through completion. You will be made aware of the various stages of assembly and are invited to come see your boat at any stage.

All parts of your boat are scheduled so that they are built together. For instance your top will be build along side of your console, hull and deck. When we build your fiberglass parts (hull, deck, stringers etc.) we don’t build them in a particular order. Some times we build the decks and hatches first depending on which molds are open and available and allow the process to be completed more efficiently. Don runs the shop and works with the crew. He’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building boats. He watches all aspects of each part of every boat from construction to assembly. Don’t hesitate to ask him questions about this process or how it works. It’s a truly unique custom process that you will enjoy being involved in.

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