Professional Grade

We're proud to have numerous professional guides that choose our boats for a reason.

Capt. John Gunter (Tarpon 26)

“As a charter captain running close to 300 trips per year I need a boat that can take the everyday abuse that myself and Mother Nature can throw at it. Four years ago I chose to purchase the 26 Tarpon after many hours of water testing many other production hull types. My Tarpon has held up tremendously well and I get many comments from clients about how great it rides and being super dry. When I get asked how old the boat is they can’t believe it is seven years old and still basically looks new.”

Capt. Brandon Campbell (Cuda 23)

“As a guide who also spends my days off on the water, I couldn’t ask for a better vessel. Whether I’m looking for hell on water or a family friendly day with the kids, the Cuda 23′ fits all my needs and then some. Clients love it, and I can’t go anywhere without getting a compliment about what nice looking boat it is.”

Capt. Josh Pritchett (Offshore 32)

“She’s an awesome machine and gets abused on a daily basis, Never has shown her age or wear. Best charter boat I’ve ever owned.”

Capt. A.J. Grande (Bonefish 22)

“The 22 Andros has served me very well in the last 7 years of running it. The construction has held up to the ultimate test over the years fishing around 280 days a year.  The awesome customer service of all the people at Andros is what makes running this boat even better. My favorite part about the boat is the fact that you always feel safe. Having the higher bow opposed to many other boats in its class gives you the assurance of never taking water over the bow. This is a total game changer when fighting fish in rough weather, which is a huge part of our Gulf Coast tarpon fishing. Whether it’s inshore on the flats chasing snook, trout, and redfish, or it’s offshore and nearshore in the Gulf, this boat has you covered.”

Capt. Scott Flesch (Tarpon 26)

“I’ve owned  many boats over the past 25 years, Andros is my last stop. We love the hybrid capabilties of this boat which allows us to take guests onto the flats in the morning to chase Redfish or move out to the local reefs safely and with the utmost comfort. Guests often comment on the fit and finish of our boat and are amazed at all we can do with it.”

Capt. Craig Murdock (Tarpon 26)

“The quality is top-notch. This is my third Andros, I wouldn’t consider anything else.”

Capt. Kevin Osterstock (Tarpon 26)

“It’s great being in 12″ of water one day and offshore the next. The vesatility of this boat is unmatched! The full tower is a game changer when sight fishing for reds on the flats or chasing birds offshore. Every serious fisherman I get on board is impressed by the fishabilty of this boat.”